Prescon Engineering: About Us

Prescon Engineering has been formed in 2004. The company has a distinguished heritage of introducing World’s best Asset Management Solutions in Pakistan specifically in power sector and generally for all major industrial sectors.

Over a period of time our Products & Services have gained a steady & widespread acceptance in Power Generation, Cement, Oil & Gas, Textile and other major industrial sectors.

Now we must say that with a wide range of turnkey solutions including both products and engineering services, we can always promise a competitive and healthy proposal for you.

We are in technological partnership with some International key players, of course this brings a value to our portfolio, experience and database. We have introduced them in Pakistan through different workshops and seminars conducted by Prescon at regular basis.

We are here in market to be known as one of the best solutions providers and trustworthy resource for Project Management, Plant Asset Mgmt, Turnkey Project Supplies, Manufacturing/ Fabrication and Training Services.


Prescon’s presence is to provide reliable Asset Management Solutions, which best fit the industrial needs and to provide best support and maintenance services.


As, we grow we want to remain focused on our mission all the way through: which is to contribute towards our nation’s industrial growth by making power generation, transmission and distribution reliable. Educate the industry professional and introduce asset management concepts propose complete solutions and provide quality services to our clients.

Our Policy

  • Accuracy of data we generate for our customers/ clients.
  • Continuous training courses for our employees to maximize their potential Continuous improvement/ improvisation.
  • Run a continuous check on all applicable regulations and standards.
  • Commitment to add to TQM program every day and at every level of our organization.

Our Capabilities

  • Qualified and experienced engineers.
  • NETA, IEEE, ISA Membership
  • E-library containing   up-to-date   standards   from IEC, IEEE/ ANSI, CIGRE, ISA, ASTM, ASME, API,
  • ASHARE etc and handbooks on Reliability Maintenance, Reliability  Engineering, Plant Design, Rotary Equipment  Maintenance & Repair, Transformer  Operation  & Maintenance,  Circuit Breaker Diagnostics & Repair, Protection Relays & Metering Testing , Operation &
  • Maintenance Philosophies, IEEE Color Book series, etc.
  • Doble services agreement which gives us access to 80+ yrs of equipment testing database & all proceedings of various Doble Technical Committee meetings on Transformers, Breakers, Relays & Rotary Equipment.
  • SOPs for Testing.
  • Power System Analysis ETAP software
  • SAM – Solar Power design & Analysis software